Best Headphones Under 1000 Rupee 2019
Best Headphones Under 1000 Rupee 2019

In this article, I make a list of Best Headphones under 1000 Rupee.

Headphones come in all shapes and sizes. Also, they are available in a variety of price range.

However, Choosing the best headphones under a tight budget is a difficult task.

But not now. Here, In this article, I sort out the Best Headphones under 1000 rupee.

Do note that this article includes the list of both the on-ear and in-ear headphones.

Moreover, these headphones are readily available on Amazon India Website. So, you don’t have to worry about where to buy these headphones.

I have also mentioned the link as well.

Let’s come straight to the point. Here is our list.

List of Best Headphones Under 1000 Rupee

5. Sony MDR-ZX110A On-Ear Stereo Headphones

What makes this headphone to fall at the top of our list is its sound quality, design, and audio quality.

Also, if you look at its pricing, it comes at Rs. 649 only.

This headphone sound frequency ranges between 12Hz to 22 kHz.

Therefore, you can listen to a music track in detail.

Also, sports Deep Bass support.

What I like the most in this headphone is its enfolding closed back design. This design helps the headphone to wrap your ear completely and seal your ear only to list music. That means it keeps you out of outside sound.

Another feature I like in this headphone is you can fold its earcup inside. That improves its portability and helps you while you travel outside.

The only feature it doesn’t sport is a built-in microphone.

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4. Philips SHL5000/00 On-Ear Headphone with Deep Bass

Philips SHL5000
Best Headphones Under 1000 Rupee 2019 – Philips SHL5000

The next headphone I would recommend you is Philips SHL5000.

It has 32mm speaker drivers that give it great sound and deep bass.

Its frequency ranges from 9Hz to 22kHz.

Similar to Sony MDR-ZX110A, you can fold its earcup inside.

It sports a 1.2-meter long cable that makes it ideal for outdoor use.

Again it doesn’t sport inbuilt microphone.

This headphone comes at Rs. 599.

You can buy it from the link given below.

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3. JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones with Mic

Best Headphones Under 1000 Rupee 2019 – JBL C50HI

The next headphone that falls at the third place in our list is JBL C50HI.

It’s an In-Ear Headphone. Also, it sports an in-built Microphone.

First and Foremost, you can see this headphone comes from a Branded company called JBL.

Now, if you look at its feature, first it is super portable because it is an In-Ear Headphone.

Next, This headphone includes 3 sizes of ear tips. So, you can choose the appropriate ear tip for you.

It’s frequency, however, ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz. If you compare its frequency from the above two headphones, it is slightly low.

It sports a single button for multiple use. For example, you could use this button to accept/reject phone calls, play/pause songs, start voice assistant, and more.

The one factor because I include this headphone in my list is its price tag and brand name.

So, if you are super-tight on your budget, go for it, otherwise, buy Boat Bass Head 225.

This In-Ear JBL headphone comes at Rs. 499.

Moreover, you can buy it from Amazon via the link below.

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2. Boat Bass Heads 225

Boat Bass Heads 225
Best Headphones Under 1000 Rupee 2019 – Boat Bass Heads 225

Another piece of headphones I would recommend you to buy is Boat Bass Heads 225.

A great headphone if you compare it with some of the JBL headphones like JBL C50HI, JBL C100SI.

This In-Ear headphone has 1.2m of Flat Tangle-Free Cable.

Its build quality is also impressive as it has metallic finishing.

It sports Gold Plated Angled Jack, therefore perfect to use with a laptop while resting.

Its sound quality is fantastic over the call. Most headphones do not look over this feature, but Boat Bass Head 225 does.

I recommend you to buy this headphone if you use mic a lot in your headphone.

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1. Sennheiser CX 180

Sennheiser CX 180
Best Headphones Under 1000 Rupee 2019 – Sennheiser CX 180

Last but not least, if you look for the best in-headphone in terms of all quality, you could go for Sennheiser CX 180.

This in-ear headphone cost you more than the rest all headphones I mentioned above.

Its price is Rs. 839 at Amazon however you could buy it from TataCliq at Rs. 799.

Now, talking about its features, it has 1.2m of round cable plus plastic body.

So, its build quality is not that nice when you compare it with Boat Bass Head 225.

Now, coming to its volume loudness, Boart Bass Head is a child in front of it.

Also, its sound quality is super excellent. Here you get more crystal clear sound in comparison to all the headphone in this list.

It doesn’t sport a microphone, however.

So, I recommend you to to buy this headphone if you are a kind of audiophile and love to listen to music over an in-ear headphone.

However, I recommend you to buy boat bass head 225 if you like a mic in your headphone.

However, if you are listening to only audio, then no one could replace it under Rs. 1000 price range.

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Some Other Headphones to look under this price Range

Here is a list of other headphones, you could look under this price range.

That’s it, if you know some other fabulous headphones under 1000 rupee, let us know in the comments below.

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