Microsoft launches Four New Eye First Games
Microsoft launches Four New Eye First Games

Microsoft launches Four New Eye First Games on Microsoft Store for Windows. Microsoft team built these games, especially for those people who are useless to play games with their hands or speech.

Although Microsoft built these games for people, who are physically disabled, an ordinary person could also play these games.

The name of these games is Tile Slide, Match Two, Double Up, and Maze. What makes these games unique is one can play these games with their Eye.

Game Developers of these games uses Windows 10 eye tracking API to build it. However, you can play these games with or without Windows 10 Eye control.

Do note that, you can also play these games with the mouse or via your Touch Screen device.

Now, Talking about these games, in Brief, Tile Slide is a puzzle game which you have to win in the fewest number of moves.

Match Two, on the other hand, is a memory based game.

If your Mathematics and Strategic Thinking is fantastic, then you could try Double Up game.

Maze, as the name suggests, is again a puzzle where you have to find a path in a short interval of time.

Now, If you want to play these games via Windows Eye Control, you need a compatible eye tracker device.

Also, make sure that you have installed Windows 10 April 2018 or its newer version.

Below I list out the link of all these games from where you could access and install it in your Windows Device.

Microsoft Eye First Games List

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