Opera GX Gaming Browser macOS
Opera GX Gaming Browser macOS

Back in June this year, Opera launches the first Gaming Browser Opera GX. However back then, it was available only for Windows. Now, Ever since its launch for Windows, Opera gets huge requests to bring a mac version of it.

So, before taking a decision to launch a mac version of Opera GX, Opera decided to conduct a survey. Next of it, Opera conducted a survey in US and found that 82% of US gamers are on Windows machine whereas 14% of them are on macOS environment. 14% is a huge percentage, Hence Opera team decided to launch a macOS version of the same browser.

Right now, the browser is in early access stage for macOS and one can download it by visting Opera GX official website from their macOS machine.

The macOS version of the Opera GX browser have the same feature available on its Windows version.

Opera GX Browser Features

Here are the set of all features Opera GX Browser have:

  • GX Control: This sections helps you to set How much RAM, CPU, and Network Bandwidth the browser can consume. In GX Control section you find different options like Network Limiter, RAM Limiter, and CPU Limiter.
  • Twitch Integration: Opera GX has Twitch Integrated to its core and its native availability helps you easily spot live streams, and notifications of the Channels you follow. You can spot this section right into the Browser’s left panel.
  • GX Corner: GX Corner helps you track the newest games released, best deals as well as the news related to games.
  • GX Sound: The browser also have a native sound effect environment created by sound designer Ruben Rincon. There is a toggle ON and OFF option to turn this feature ON and OFF.
  • Integrated Messengers: Opera GX has natively integrate some of the popular messaging apps like Messenger, Telegram, Vkontakte, and WhatsApp.
  • Video Pop Out: With this feature, one can watch Twitch and YouTube Videos in a floating window while working on a tab.
  • AD Blocker: Opera GX has a built in AD Blocker to give user an ad-free environment.
  • Free Browser VPN: Opera GX also gives you unlimited browser VPN facility.
  • Extensions: Opera GX have a huge collection of extensions on its store, however, it also supports all Google Chrome extensions.

Well, these are all set of features Opera GX browser have. In case I missed any feature you can spot it from here.

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