Opera GX Gaming Browser Network Limiter Feature
Opera GX Gaming Browser Network Limiter Feature

Back on June this year at E3 2019, Opera launched the first Gaming Browser called Opera GX. The Browser is unique in terms of the feature its supports like limiting RAM and CPU Usage via Opera GX control, Free VPN, Twitch Integration and more. I already wrote an article about Opera GX and all its feature, if you are interested you could read it.

Now, Recently, Opera GX Browser has introduced one more feature in its core called Network Limiter. One can locate this feature in the same GX Control menu where limiting RAM and CPU Usage options are present. Now, coming to the feature, it helps you to limit How much bandwidth Opera GX can use.

Once you Toggle Network Limiter Option On then, you can set How much bandwidth Opera GX Browser could use. By default, there are several predefined values which you can use to limit the bandwidth. For example, Suppose you are using 10 MBps of Internet connection and want to dedicate 1 MBps of Bandwidth only to the browser. So, in that case you could do so by choosing 1MB/s option after turning on the Network Limiter Option.

Here, you can see that this option helps you to boost your game streaming speed while coping with your system network bandwidth requirement. In a blog post, Opera Revealed all those situations where this new feature proved to be useful. For example, Network Limiter option helps you when you play a game and downloading something at the same time in your browser. It also helps you to keep watching Twitch or YouTube Videos while playing a game.

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