google one automatic backup feature
google one automatic backup feature

Ever now or then we have encountered a situation where we lost our precious files present on our phone. It doesn’t matter what those files are because it can be anything like an app, photos, or even our contact list. In such a situation, we feel worst and don’t have anything to recover what we have lost. Well, not now because the Big G has come up with a solution.

Users who have taken Google One Membership now have a feature called Automatic Phone Backup. This feature helps you to backup the files present in your Android Phone to Google One Cloud server with ease. However, you do require Google One Membership for getting Automatic Backup feature.

Coming to the file types, you could back up (automatically) on Google One includes photos, videos, contacts, messages, and even apps. Well, What makes Google One Automatic backup feature different from other is, it back up the photos and videos on your phone in its original quality. Therefore, you may not have to worry about any kind of quality loss in your photos and videos too.

You can also utilize Google One Automatic Backup to export and import your apps, files, and configuration to your brand new Android phone.

Coming to Google One, it was launched last year, which is a cloud storage solution by Google. Last year Google merged Google Drive, and Google One Plans at a single place. Hence, if you want to upgrade the storage of your Google Drive account, you can navigate to Google one official site. Well, to briefly introduce you, Google One premium plan starts with Rs. 130 per month (here in India) and goes till Rs 19,500 per month.

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