Microsoft Starts Selling Windows 7 Extended Security Updates
Microsoft Starts Selling Windows 7 Extended Security Updates | Image Credits: Microsoft Tech Community

Microsoft Starts Selling Windows 7 Extended Security Updates from April 1, 2019. Most of you know that Microsoft is going to end support of Windows 7 from January 14, 2020. From support I mean Microsoft stops giving you critical updates, security patches for the OS as well as technical support. But don’t be upset if you want to securely use Windows 7 after January 14, 2020. If you remember back in September last year Microsoft announce to give extended security updates for Windows 7 at some price.

So, with these extended security updates an organisation or a user can use Windows 7 securely for 3 more years. Means till January 14, 2023, users can securely use Windows 7. One thing to consider here that, these extended security updates only contains cumulative security patches as well as some bug improvement. Moreover, it doesn’t include any technical support from the Microsoft team.

Okay, these are the basic details about Windows 7 extended security updates. Let check out how much it cost you.

Windows 7 Extended Security Updates Cost

Below, I prepare a table from which you can better understand how much Windows 7 extended security updates will cost you.

YearWindows EnterpriseWindows 7 Pro
For One Year (January 20 – 21)$25 per device$50 per device
For Two Year (January 20 – 22)$50 per device $100 per device
For Three Year (January 20 – 23)$100 per device$200 per device

As you can see in the table above Extended security updates is only available to all Windows 7 Pro as well as Enterprise users. So, if you are using any other versions of Windows 7 then we recommend you to switch to Windows 10 before February 14, 2020.

One of its FAQ page Microsoft says that Organizations or user who are using Windows Enterprise Software Assurance or Windows Enterprise edition 3 can avail some more benefits. However, further details are not made public till now. Well this is all from our side, if you not understand something or want to give some more insight, the below comment section is open.

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