YouTube Fact Check Feature
YouTube Fact Check Feature | Image Credits: Sketchport

In this article, I explain you How YouTube Fact Check Feature works? You know, you can now check the validity of a rumor via YouTube? Well if not let me tell you tha Youtube has recently implemented this feature. Right now the popularity of YouTube is not less than any social media present on the web. Today its popularity is so much that people go to YouTube fist to learn about something new in the most easiest way.

However, as much as its popularity, so much of fake videos are also uploaded in it day by day. YouTube however is considering this issue too. Therefore, YouTube adds a fact check information panel which defines the validity of a hoax roaming around. From now on, if you search any keyword on YouTube that signifies a rumor, then Youtube first give you a result which explains whether it is true or not. YouTube actually fetches these fact check results from an article on the web that already research on that particular topic. On the other hand, Article publishers do these fact checks by taking help from experts falling down to specific niche.

YouTube Fact Check Information Panel
YouTube Fact Check Information Panel | Image Credits: YouTube

Currently, YouTube’s Fact Check Feature is not available to all users in our country. But don’t worry soon it will. Beside that India is the first country to whom YouTube has first introduce this feature (looking at the enormous range of publishers). However, YouTube Plans to roll out this feature in every country to make the platform more healthy.

This is all about YouTube fact check feature. Right now, if you want to check whether this feature is available to you then check for a hoax message roaming around the web.

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