Google Images now contains shopping ads
Google Images now contains shopping ads

Google Images now contains Shopping Ads to make the platform more interactive for buyers as well as advertisers. How many of you research for a product on Google Images before buying it? I know if you are a serious buyers then you definitely do at least a research to Google Images to get the product visual insight.

Google somehow capture our this activity and finally get a profitable idea. Well we all know, the main source of Google income is from the advertisement across its various platform. Google Images is now one such platform where you will see sponsored shopping ads.

These visual ads will not just show you one product but also a set of products. For example, suppose you want to buy a home office table, then the image ad will show you other combination of products as well. See the below screenshot to gain some insight.

Google Images Ads
Google Images Ads | Photo Credits: Google Blog

As you can see in the screenshot above when we search for home office we get a sponsored post in Google Images. Furthermore, In the image you can see two shopping tags clicking on which redirects you the specific product page. Later on from there you can buy that product.

Right now, only those advertisers advertise via Google Ads who have a showcase business in any category. However, Google make sure that this service is available for all the categories. Therefore, there isn’t any topic to worry about if you are an advertiser and wants to avail this specific service by Google.

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