Spotify Partners with Samsung and Giving 6 Months of Free Premium

Spotify Partners with Samsung and Giving 6 Months of Free Premium. Note that this scheme is only available to users who are using spotify right now in US. Spotify has played quite an interesting move to now showcase its app in every Samsung devices. The app now come preinstalled in all the Samsung device who you purchase as a brand new from the store.

The free spotify premium membership is only available for users who purchase the brand new Galaxy S10. Moreover, only the new users can avail the benefit of this scheme. It means that if you have already enrolled in spotify premium membership then you can’t avail this scheme.

This is applicable to those users too who who recently purchase Samsung Galaxy S10 and have taken spotify premium membership. This info first came in a verge report, when the author also points out, Spotify may release this feature for other phones too.

Note that last year Samsung has made Spotify the default music player for Bixby. Therefore, this new patch up is quite logical. Let see what happens next.

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