Microsoft Releases the First Stable Build of its Chromium Based Edge Browser

After around a year of testing, Microsoft finally releases the first stable build of its Chromium Based Edge Browser. Although the browser is packed in a Windows update only for Enterprise users, regular users can manually download it from this link. In spite of it, Microsoft plans to forcefully install this browser in the user’s machine via a Windows update in the coming month. Also, it is expected, when they roll out the Chromium version of the Edge browser, they will fetch the regular version from the user’s machine.

This brand new Microsoft Chromium Edge Browser is built on Chromium version 79 engine and is available both for Mac and Windows users. Also, Microsoft has rolled out this browser in all-new OEMs starting today, so new Windows 10 machines have this browser pre-installed.

Initially, I mean from 2014-19, Microsoft Edge browser uses the EdgeHTML engine, and last year, the company decided to move and build the same Browser on Chromium Engine.

The browser has most of the features similar to Chrome. Still, some features are differentiable in both of these browsers. Although most of the users like Chrome, however, Chromium Based Edge Browser have some features that can bend users attention. Here are the list of all of them.

What is unique in the Chromium Based Edge Browser?

In Chromium Edge Browser, you can play 4K Netflix videos.

It supports Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.

The browser has some of the best anti-tracking options that range from Basic to Strict.

Chromium Edge Browser Anti Tracking Options

The browser also has a dark mode, light mode and system default theme option.

Chromium Edge Browser Dark Mode Option

Microsoft Chromium Based Edge Browser supports a total of 42 languages.

Just like Chrome, you can update this browser by visiting Settings > About Microsoft Edge.

One more unique thing I forgot to mention is, Microsoft Chromium-based Edge Browser is also available for Windows 7 users. Although, Microsoft has ended support for Windows 7 but still thought to provide their latest browser to the respective operating system.

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