Airtel WiFi Calling is now available in all circles in India except J&K

After around a month of its launch, Airtel WiFi Calling service is now available in all circles in India except Jammu and Kashmir. Airtel recently updated its WiFi calling page on its website to reveal this information. Also, they have added some new handsets that support Airtel WiFi calling. At the time of writing this post, there are around 80 smartphones that are supporting the Airtel WiFi Calling feature.

Recently, Airtel revealed that more than a million users are using the Airtel WiFi Calling feature. Talking about its closest rival, Reliance Jio has already rolled out the same service to all circles in India. Also, Jio WiFi calling is supported by more than 120 smartphones.

Both Jio and Airtel WiFi calling service is available free of cost to the customers. All they have is the compatible handset, the SIM card, and a WiFi connection to use this feature.

One thing most users are asking, Do both the smartphones have this feature enabled to use it? Well, if WiFi calling is enabled at one end from the example on the caller side, then it is enough to get crystal clear call quality.

Beside make and receive calls, Airtel WiFi calling also allows customers to send SMS & MMS over WiFi connection. One more thing to note about WiFi calling is it is treated as a regular call. Therefore, it may go against the customer’s recharge or master balance.

Taking about the data consumption in WiFi calling, that is minimal. For example, a 5 minutes WiFi call consumes less than 5MB of data.

Airtel WiFi calling works seamlessly between WiFi and VOLTE. For example, during a WiFi call, if your WiFi connection gets disconnected, then your call seamlessly switches over to the VOLTE network. On the other side, if you haven’t Turned On the VOLTE option on your phone, then your call gets dropped in such a situation. You can also make conference calls via Airtel WiFi calling.

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