Facebook Instant Games
Facebook Instant Games | Credits: Facebook

Two years ago, Facebook Introduced cross-platform HTML5 gaming experience called Instant Games. Users can play Instant Games directly on Messenger and Facebook News Feed without any new app.

Now, In a recent blog post, Facebook explains that they are migrating Instant Games from Messenger to Facebook Gaming Tab.

Facebook introduced Gaming Tab back in March this year that is present in align with Facebook Newsfeed and Notification Icon. Facebook Gaming Tab is a new section in default Facebook app where one can access Instant games, Gaming Videos, or interact with Gaming groups on Facebook. I have shared a photo below that shows how Facebook Gaming Tab looks.

Facebook Gaming Tab
Facebook Gaming Tab

Now, one thing you might be thinking is why Facebook migrates Instant games from Messenger as most of the users like to play these games on Messenger.

Well, Facebook is now focusing on to create a central gaming experience on Facebook. Also, the Facebook team looks forward to making Messenger even more faster, lighter, and easy to use. That’s why they are migrating Instant games from Messenger to Facebook Gaming Tab.

Facebook also says the migration process completes in stages, with the first stage to migrate Instant games from Messenger for iOS users.

Facebook also ask recommendation from Game developers and Gaming community about this new update on which they are working.

Do note that Instant Games based on HTML5 engine called Phaser. Therefore, if you are a developer you could design an Instant Game via the same engine.

Okay, that’s it. Now, be ready to enjoy Instant games only on Facebook Gaming Tab.

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