erangel 2.0 coming pubg mobile
erangel 2.0 coming pubg mobile

At PMCO 2019 finals, PUBG team announced they are going to roll out Erangel Map 2.0 on PUBG mobile soon. Those of you who don’t know Erangel 2.0 already comes to PUBG PC a few months ago.

Beside Erangel 2.0 map, PUBG team also announced soon; they are going to open PUBG servers in Africa. So, it’s a good news for all the curious gamers living in Africa. Soon, they can play PUBG without using any VPN.

PUBG team also announced their collaboration with Walking Dead, a popular TV Series based on Zombies. Therefore, we might see some new Zombie characters in coming days on PUBG Mobile. However, those of you who play PUBG regularly must remember PUBG rolled out a Zombie mode back in February this year. That time PUBG partners with Resident Evil (to celebrate Resident Evil 2 Game) to introduce Zombie character in the game.

Every month PUBG Mobile launches a significant update that brings some new features. It seems like The Walking Dead inspired Zombie characters is the major update for the next month.

Tencent gaming recently introduced PUBG Mobile lite in India as more than half of Indian smartphone users are using low-end phones. I already cover PUBG Mobile lite in one of my recent article. If you are interested in PUBG Mobile lite, I suggest you give that article a read.

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