PUBG Zombie Mode Update

PUBG Zombie Mode update date finally came out. This new update is going to reveal tomorrow i.e. on 19-02-2019. This new update come out as PUBG update 0.11 patch. Note that In 0.11 update PUBG players will see Zombies in their Gameplay environment. Therefore, beside killing the opponent Players also have to consider some new strategy to kill these Zombies. Note that Last year On December PUBG Mobile shake hands with Residential Evil games. With a tweet PUBG officials directs that something is coming.

It’s not too hard to deduce that we will soon see Zombies and Residential evil characters in PUBG too. From then on, users are ready with their Guns and Sniper waiting to kill some zombies and other sick RE2 characters. Residential evil already released back in January 25 this year.

Now, today PUBG Mobile team has again give some hint that explains the coming of new Zombie mode. PUBG Mobile Maintenance notice came out 9 hrs ago via a tweet. See what PUBG team has posted in their Tweet.

Meanwhile, PUBG team also reveal about the name of this new update via their discord server. They call this new update Survive till dawn. PUBG Mobile users avail this new PUBG 0.11 update tomorrow via Google Play Store or App Store.

Well some online reports explains that PUBG Mobile roll out this new update i.e. 0.11 only to introduce RE2 character in the Game. Therefore, PUBG Prime and Prime subscription which we already report in one of our post is not going to add in this update. However, below we list out some features or new things which may came out in this update. We collect these features from various sources over the web. Therefore, we can’t assure you about its existence.

  • Vikendi Snow map may get G63C gun for killing bots and Moonlight.
  • You may find Death Cam feature to collect the shot of how you get killed.
  • Erangel May may introduce Snows.
  • Miramar and Erangel map may get Dynamic Weather.R

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