How to Fetch RSS Feed of any Website
How to Fetch RSS Feed of any Website?

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In this article, I explain you to How to fetch RSS Feed of any website. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication whereas syndication in turn simply means Broadcasting. Now, you can understand that RSS indirectly means Really Simple Broadcasting. So, you may ask that What do we Broadcast via RSS? Well the answer is anything, you can broadcast Text, Images, Videos and many more thing.

How to Fetch RSS Feed of Any Website? (Guide)

These Broadcasting is done via Online Portals, Forums, Websites, Social Networks etc. One more thing the continuous Broadcasting of data is what we call as Feed here. Now, portals, websites and social networks may have different URL to access their RSS Feed. Indeed, Some websites not providing a direct link to their RSS Feed. The reason is consumption of their resources without directly benefiting them. In that case you either have to look into their Website Source code or you can use several online Tools to ease your task. For example, there are several Chrome extensions present, that can fetch RSS feed of a website for you. That is your Homework. Beside Chrome extensions I found some websites where you can manually create RSS feed for any website. Take Politepol ( as an example which is Feed aggregator and Feed creator site. In their free account type you can manually create a total of 20 Feeds. What makes their service so cool is the update interval of the feed which is only 10 minutes.

What is mean by Update Interval of an RSS Feed?

RSS Feed Update Interval means that the Interval after which your Feed aggregator refreshes the Feed URL to access new content.

However, Most of the websites present on the Internet are built on Platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Medium, Tumblr, SquareSpace etc. Therefore, accessing the RSS Feed of such sites are too easy to find. Below I make a list of format to find the RSS feed of sites built of the above mention platform.

RSS Feed Structure of Websites and Popular Portals

WordPress: You can access the RSS Feed of any WordPress site by simply attaching feed at the end of their site URL. For example, Suppose the site URL of a wordpress website is then you can access the RSS Feed at You can find more info about WordPress Website RSS feed URL structure here.

Blogger: To access the RSS feed of a site hosted on Blogger all you have to do is attach feeds/posts/default at the end of the URL.

Medium: On Medium two types of websites are present right now. The first one are those that are hosted with their own custom domain name. You can access the RSS feed of these type of website by simply attaching feed at the end of URL. However, the second type of website on Medium don’t have a custom domain name. For example, You can access the RSS feed of such sites like this More info about RSS Feed URL structure of a medium website is present here.

Tumblr: Accessing the RSS Feed of a Tumblr website is also simple. Simply attach, /rss to the end of an URL and you are set to go.

Reddit: To access the RSS feed of a subreddit simply attach .rss at the end of a subreddit URL.

SquareSpace: One can find the RSS Feed URL of a SquareSpace website by attaching
?format=rss at the end of an URL.

Ghost: RSS feed of Ghost websites are accessible by attaching /rss/ at the end of an URL.

How to capture RSS Feed Content?

To capture the RSS Feed content you should have an RSS Feed aggregator. There are several RSS Feed aggregator present right now on the web, but I like Feedly and Inoreader the most. In RSS Feed aggregator one you paste the RSS Feed URL you starts getting RSS Feed content of a particular site.

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