Madras High Court Has Lift Up the Ban From TikTok App
Madras High Court Has Lift Up the Ban From TikTok App

In Under a Week Madras High Court has lift up the Interim ban from popular short video sharing app called TikTok. Back on April 3, 2019, Madras High Court ordered the Government of India to take proper action on banning this app. Following the order, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology ask Google and Apple to remove the same app from their respective Play Store. The result is Google removed the TikTok app from Google Play Store back on April 18, however, Apple doesn’t.

The case was filed by Advocate Muthukumar to the Madurai Bench of Madras High Court. His argument was TikTok sharing pornographic content on its app. Now, In India, Because most of the users registered in this app are underage Children, then, these contents are also accessible for them. Not just content they are also accessible to Sex rackets mafias, which is very dangerous.

Looking at his Argument Madras High Bans the TikTok App in India. After that TikTok parent company Bytedance Challenges Madras High Court decision in Supreme Court. But Supreme court satisfies with the decision of Madras High Court and put an Interim Ban on the App and says to give the final decision today.

Now, Today, Bytedance explain the Court they have removed almost all videos or content that sports Pornography on TikTok. They also argue that the ban will put more than 250 jobs at risk whereas TikTok already facing a loss of 3.5 crore rupee per day.

Looking at this argument Supreme Court of India flagged off the ban on TikTok Today. The Interim court also them if they again find any material that sports pornography on TikTok they will again start the proceeding.

Now, After the ban has been lift up from TikTok we navigate to Google Play Store but still we can’t find it. May be Google waiting for Meity orders.

So, Today is a great day for all the TikTok Creators.

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