Dark Mode Officially Roll Out with Chrome 74
Dark Mode Officially Roll Out with Chrome 74

Today, Google Chrome Team has released the latest Stable Version of Google Chrome called Chrome 74. With release of Version 74 in stable channel Version 75 is now on Beta and Version 76 is on Canary. If we look at Chrome 74 from the feature’s perspective then there are not so many new features we find in this new version. This is because this new version is build to fix several security vulnerabilities. However, it doesn’t mean we have not got any special feature to talk about. Because this way our post title doesn’t mean anything.

With release of Chrome 74 in Stable channel Google starts rolling out Dark Mode in Chrome. Dark Mode which is now a days a necessary feature in all the application (helps to relieve eye strain at night and all that), So how can Chrome lags behind rolling out this feature.

Dark Mode in Chrome 74 basically fetches your Windows preference (Specially Windows 10) and activates accordingly. It means if you have activated the dark mode (which is called Dark Theme) in Windows 10, then your Chrome Browser automatically Turns On the Dark Mode. Those of you who are picturing Chrome’s Dark Mode as the Amoled one, seems like a bad news for you, because Chrome’s Dark Mode looks exactly like the Chrome’s Incognito Mode.

One more thing this new Dark Mode is not available for all Chrome users right now but some of them has got the opportunity to see it. According to a Google Employee this new feature is available to small number of Chrome M74 users and will available to all in future.

Check for yourself that you have get the dark mode or not. However, before that you have to first update your Chrome Browser which you can do by go to help>about chrome.

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