iPhone 8 Plus Review

Today, In this article we give you the Apple’s flagship smartphone called iPhone 8 plus review. Here we talk about its feature and compare it accordingly.

From the previous year, Rumors were coming about the iPhone X. iPhone lovers hoped for a new and up-to-date iPhone in 2017. And Apple completed the expectations of the people and launched the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as an upgraded version of the iPhone.

However, after the launch of the two phones, the most discussed phone is iPhone X. It will be available in stores from the November this year. The iPhone 8 series phones will be the second choice for iPhone Lovers if they can not buy the iPhone X for some reason. Although the sale of the iPhone 8 Series phones is not finished yet, its sale is very low in comparison to the previous iPhone series. So let’s know how good is iPhone 8 Plus, and what are the flaws present in it and what are the features this phone has?

iPhone 8 features Extracted

Build & Design Quality

iPhone 8 Build and Design Quality
iPhone 8 Build and Design Quality | iPhone 8 Plus Review

When we talk about design we don’t see any newness in the design of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Of Course with the Glass body and metal frame gives it a premium look compared to the previous iPhones. This phone has good fittings and finishing. In fact, because of its fit and Finish section, the iPhone 8 Plus (and iPhone 8) is at the top in the flagship segment. Apple claims that the strongest and durable glass has been used so far in the iPhone 8 series. But, it still requires additional care, as the possibility of breaking glass is more than metal. The IP67 rating makes this new phone water and dust resistant. However, the warranty does not include any type of liquid damages. Means this phone is water resistant but there is no surety about waterproofing.

iPhone 8 Plus Water Resistant Technology
iPhone 8 Plus Water Resistant Technology

iPhone 8 Plus definitely have a good appearance with ok design and builds a vision. When we talk about fit and finish, this phone gives you premium looks. But, the display, weight, dimension, and design certainly match the old design.

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The display of iPhone 8 Plus is 5.5 inches with 1080 pixels. Although it is not good enough in case of pixel resolution. Accuracy is quite good in case of White Balance. This phone has a 5.5-inch IPS display which is sharp and provides acoustic color. It supports True Tone display, which was first shown in the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Due to true tone technology, the iPhone 8 Plus adjusts the color temperature to match the light condition. However, when the TrueTone feature is turned on, the overall color tone becomes slightly warm. This phone’s display is bright and maintains the contrast level in Daylight.

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There is stereo speaker setup present in the iPhone 8 Plus. It gives loud and clear sound. Even if we maximize the volume, there is no difference in the quality of its audio. Compared to the iPhone 7 Plus, the speaker of this phone is loud with crystal quality audio.


No doubt, It is the fastest smartphone when we talk about performance. Even with multitasking and too much use, it does not slow or lags. iPhone 8 Plus is a trustworthy phone with a great performance.

The iPhone 8 Plus has the HEXA Core A11 bionic chip which runs on 2.17 GHz. The A11 bionic chip gives better performance than its previous chips. You do not get any heating issue here.

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We clearly see an improvement in the camera of iPhone 8 Plus when we compare it to its previous generations. In daylight, the iPhone 8 Plus snaps good pictures with acoustic colors and details. The phone instantly gives you the fast capture by speed up it’s focusing.

This phone got a new feature called Portrait lighting mode, which uses depth mapping to get studio lighting effects on the image. This is an interesting feature, which gives an opportunity to experiment with portrait image.

When it comes to clicking the image in low light, we see less improvement in the iPhone 8 Plus. Google pixels are still at the top in terms of capturing good photos in low light conditions, followed by Samsung Galaxy Note 8 also.

Software | iPhone 8 Plus Review

iPhone 8 Plus iOS 11 | iPhone 8 Plus Review
iPhone 8 Plus iOS 11 | iPhone 8 Plus Review

The Phone runs on iOS 11 which makes it a dependable and lag-free device. Apple introduced a feature called ARKit interface with iOS 11. Because of the A11 bionic chip, the iPhone 8 Plus is quite fast, smooth and comfortable.


iPhone 8 Plus’s battery life is quite good. Once you charge the phone, you can use it easily throughout the day. However, in case of charging the device, it appears behind the flagship phones available in the market. This happens because it does not have fast charging support. Due to lack of fast charging, it takes about 2 hours to fully charge the phone.

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