In today’s article, we will tell you how much cost to pay for the iPhone X broken screen and repair? Is buying this phone really affordable?

As we all know, Prebooking of Apple’s flagship phone iPhone X has already started. Customers of India will also be getting this from November 3. The price of this phone is about Rs. 1 lakh. But, today we don’t talk about its specs. Instead, Today we are going to give you one such information related to the phone, after which you will think ten times before buying this phone.

What is the Cost of iPhone X broken screen and repairing?

Do you know how much do you have to pay for an iPhone X broken screen? According to the latest report, if your iPhone X’s screen breaks down, then you have to spend about Rs. 41600 to replace it. Also if you have to do any kind of repair on the phone, then you have to spend 35 to 38 thousand rupees for this. If the customer desires, then this phone can also be insured during pre-booking. Despite all this, the most expensive phone of the company has been sold out in a few minutes.

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Apple started its pre-booking of iPhone X on October 27. When the pre-booking of this phone started on the morning of October 27, its availability ended in the next 10 minutes.

The pre-booking of this phone was launched by Apple in 55 countries, including India. Surprisingly, the first stock was sold out in the US and India within half an hour.

iPhone X Pre-booking in India

On 27th October at 12:31 pm Booking of this phone in India is started on the e-commerce website Flipkart. But before 1 o’clock, on the Flipkart website, the message of out-of-stock started to appear.

If you are still interested in buying this phone, then you have to stay tuned to the Flipkart. There you will need to enter your email id. And whenever the next stock of the phone will be available on Flipkart Flipkart Team will notify you via email.

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