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Till now Instagram gives you the facility to patch GIFs inside stories but not let you reply to it via the same method. However, now you can reply to an Instagram story via GIFs. In a tweet shared today, Instagram revealed the same information.

As you can see in the tweet above, to access the same feature all you have to do is update your Instagram app from your respective app store.

Well, that’s not a massive update but worth to include. Take an example, suppose one of your friend posted a story in which he inserted a GIF. Now, you like to reply to the story but the most appropriate way to reply to it is via GIFs. So, now you have the ability to reply to a GIF inserted story via the same pinch.

Till now, In someone’s Instagram story one can reply via three mediums called the text, the photo or the video, or via the disappearing photo or video. Now, GIFs are another way of interacting in the story.

GIFY integration in the Instagram happened two years back when Instagram adds a special GIF button in Instagram Direct. Then extended the integration inside Instagram stories and now one can reply to an Instagram story via GIFY GIFs.

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