instagram launches donation sticker stories
instagram launches donation sticker stories

Today, Instagram launches a new Donation sticker that can help Charities to raise funds on Instagram. One can now use this new Donation Sticker in Instagram Stories, just like any other sticker.

One can place the donation sticker over a photo or a video on Instagram Story. On the other side, a person who wants to donate have to tap on this sticker and can donate without leaving Instagram.

Instagram Donation Sticker
Instagram Donation Sticker | Credits:

Instagram Donation Stickers isn’t limited to use only for NGOs and Charities, but a regular user could also use this sticker.

To add a donation, all you have to do is add an Image or Video in your Instagram story then tap on the sticker icon present at the top right corner and select Donation Sticker.

Instagram Donation Sticker based on the same code Facebook uses in the platform for the donate button.

The feature rolls out today and maybe take some days to reach every part of the world.

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