pubg mobile lite became top free download games on google play

Today, PUBG Mobile Lite Became Top Free Games on Google Play. The lite version of this mobile game released on July 25 in India and now in 5 days it became the Top Free Game on Google Play.

Right now, it has more than 10 million downloads with an average rating of 4.4. A Statista report says India crossed 299.24 million smartphones users back in 2017. Moreover, out of these users, more than 50% of users have low-end smartphones. From low-end, I mean Smartphones are having low hardware resource like RAM, Internal Storage like that.

PUBG Mobile Lite Becoming Top Free Games on Google Play

Now coming to PUBG Mobile, Tencent still not able to grab these low-end smartphone users as PUBG Mobile not perform well in these phones. Therefore, Tencent rolls out a lighter version of PUBG Mobile to grab these 50% low-end smartphone users. Now, the result is all in front of us, PUBG Mobile lite becoming the top free games on Google Play with 10 million downloads.

I already cover an article on PUBG Mobile Lite, So let’s talk about those points which I haven’t covered in that article.

After playing PUBG Mobile lite from the past 5 days, I can say it gives the same visual experience as that of the regular PUBG Mobile game. However, the gaming experience is slightly lower. From gaming experience I mean the accuracy, sound, graphics. But what we could expect from a lite version.

However, Right now, PUBG Mobile lite has only two maps in both the Classic and Arcade mode combined. In Classic mode, you find the Erangel map whereas in Arcade mode you able to play the War Map.

For Indias, Tencent has opened two servers for PUBG Mobile lite i.e. Asia and South America. However, out of these two servers, Asia performs well as it pings under 200ms, while South America Pings under 450ms.

Note: The more the ping, the more your game freezes during the gameplay.

Now, Because the game is in early-stage, we could expect more features in coming days. From features I mean new weapons, vehicles, and maps.

So, stay tuned with us because we are on the new updates of PUBG Mobile lite.

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