YouTube Music now able to play Local Music Files

Lately, but YouTube Music now showing lyrics for the songs and videos present on YouTube Music. This new option is accessible once you tap on the info button located left on the Tittle track. Tapping on the info button reveals other details beside just showing you the lyrics. These other details includes information like the like count, views, artist and the album and yes of course the lyrics.

Image Credits: JenkisKhan

Its good to hear that YouTube Music now have lyrics for the songs we listen but many users reported the facility is not available for all songs. They said, and we believe for now, we spot lyrics on some licensed songs of some verified artists. Even though the lyrics is now accessible in all the songs present in YouTube library right now, some users report it is accessible on some video songs too.

Also, for those of you using the free version of YouTube Music, don’t be upset because you can also access the same feature. However, sit tight for now, as it’s a server update, hence, may take some time to patch on your device. Make sure to update the app to the latest build and if right now you not able to access the same feature you do in coming days.

One more thing I forgot to mention about the syncing ability of the lyrics with the track. Well, currently, YouTube music isn’t capable of doing the same irrespective of its competitor like the Apple Music and the Amazon Prime Music.

May be YouTube Music team scheduled the syncing feature for some later time to surprise us.

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