Netflix Streams AV1 Video Codec
Netflix Streams AV1 Video Codec

Popular Video streaming service Netflix rolled out a new facility for the Android users to save some of their Internet data while streaming on Netflix. The new facility they call is actually a video codec called AV1 which one can manually enable by visiting App Settings > Cellular Data Usage > Save Data in their Netflix Android App.

Once they enable the Save Data option, Netflix stream video contents in AV1 format. However, do note that currently, not all videos present in Netflix library supports AV1 video codec, but most of them will in coming days.

Now, talking about AV1, Netflix says its a high performance, royalty free video codec that provide efficient and high quality video streams in cellular networks connectivity. AV1 is made possible by different intellectualls of Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia) of which Netflix is also a founding member.

AV1 leverages the property of dav1d decoder build by Video Lan, VLC, and ffmpeg communities. Netflix says they optimize dav1d so that it can Netflix content.

Well, for now as I told you some of the Netflix content is streamable in AV1 video codec but soon many content follow the same path. The good thing is in addition of making and providing world class contents, streaming companies are now also concerned about the environment through which users are streaming their Videos.

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