Huawei Plans to Launch its own Mapping System called Map Kit
Huawei Plans to Launch its own Mapping System called Map Kit

Chinese Consumer Electronics Company Huawei is now planning to launch its own mapping system called Map Kit. China State-run news-wire agency China Daily first unveils this information where they said that Huawei looks forward to rolls out a mapping system that is primarily designed for developers.

Do not confuse Map Kit as an application like Google Maps as Map Kit is a package that will help developers to create Mapping application.

So, you can assume that Huawei plans to roll out its own version of Google Maps in the coming days.

According to the same report, Huawei Map Kit is connected to local mapping services that are distributed over 150 countries and regions.

Huawei also partners with US Travel aggregator website to gain support for Map Kit.

Map Kit is going to be available in 40 languages and offer developers to access tools like Street Navigation, Real-Time Traffic, Augmented Reality and more.

Huawei going to launch this kit on October this year on some date. Right now, we don’t know the exact one.

Earlier this month we see Huawei launches their own operating system called Harmony OS which the company announced to bring first on Honor Vision TV. Right now, we don’t know whether Huawei going to install Harmony OS on any of its upcoming phones. However, Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei warned that if the US government denied Huawei access to Google Android Operating system, they would launch Harmony OS on Huawei Smartphone. If that happens, then, Google and Apple will get a significant OS competitor in the market, and the world gets a third popular Mobile OS.

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