Huawei Launches its own Operating System Called Harmony OS

At Huawei Developer conference in Dongguan, Chinese Smartphone maker and electronics company Huawei launches its operating system called Harmony OS. It is a distributed open-source operating system that can be installed on any smart device like Smartphone, Smart Speaker, Smart Vehicle, Wearables, and more.

Those of you who don’t know, let me tell you that back in May this year, US government ask all the US-based technology company to break the partnership with Huawei. The result is that Google revokes its Android License to give it to Huawei. So, from that time it was cleared Huawei not have any option instead of creating their Operating System.

In China, Huawei named the Harmony OS “Hongmeng” where they plan first to introduce this operating system. Right now, we don’t know Which Huawei device first power up this operating system but we expect Mate 20 Pro successor maybe the next because it is launching this year.

Other than smartphones, we also see this OS running on other smart screen devices like TV and Cars by the end of this year. However, In the coming three years we can see the same OS also running on wearables.

If you ask my opinion, What makes Harmony OS better than Android and iOS is its scalability. From scalability, I mean developers have to create a single app, and that can run on different smart devices ranging from IOT devices too. If you want to compare, you can compare Harmony OS with Google’s Fushia OS.

Also, the other thing that makes this OS reliable and trustworthy is that it is Opensource. Therefore, soon in the future, it gets better than it is right now.

So, What do you think about Harmony OS let me know in the comment section down below?

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