Last year, Tata Sky entered into WhatsApp for Business Chat Services, a new communication medium through which Tata Sky reach their customer.

Via this WhatsApp Service, Tata Sky promises to give options like Checking Account Balance, Instant Recharge, Emergency Top Up and others but they failed to do so initially.

Now, Tata Sky starts providing these services on WhatsApp and in this article I’m going to explain you to How to avail these services on WhatsApp?

List of Services Tata Sky Providing on their WhatsApp Handle

  1. Checking Tata Sky Account Balance
  2. Adding a Channel
  3. Removing a Channel
  4. Checking Channel Pack Details
  5. Instant Recharge
  6. Emergency Top-Up
  7. Account Refresh after Recharge

How to Register for Tata Sky WhatsApp Services? (Detail)

Tata Sky provides the services mentioned above to those users only who have registered for Tata Sky WhatsApp services. If you want to register for Tata Sky WhatsApp Services, you could do so in three ways.

  1. The first way to register for Tata Sky WhatsApp Service is to save +911800208663 number in your Phone Contact. Once you save the number, all you have to do is send a message (which can be anything). As soon as you send a message the handle replies you with the list of services they are providing and you can reply accordingly to avail any service. If you send BALANCE, the handle offers your Tata Sky Account Balance and so on.
  2. You could also register for Tata Sky WhatsApp service by simply giving a missed call to the number 9229692296. Next, the company starts sending you the updates relevant to your account.
  3. The Third and the last way to register for Tata Sky Whatsapp service is by sending a text message WHATSAPP to 56633.

Note: All of these methods works only when you do it via your registered mobile number. The registered mobile number is the one you have given to the Tata Sky officials while registering for the connection.

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