Google Docs Adds Live Edits
Google Docs Adds Live Edits

Google’s web-based word processor Google Docs rolls out a New Accessibility Feature called Live Edits in the latest server-side update. Live Edits feature helps you to track the realtime contribution one have given to a document.

Suppose you have given the access of a Google Docs Document to a set of persons. Earlier we don’t have an option to track the set of changes one has made to the document in realtime. However, now with Live Edits, it is possible.

With Live Edits feature, we can now see a new sidebar in the right side (Desktop) of Google Docs screen where we see the changes one has made to the document in realtime. If you still not get it to let me share with you a screenshot to make my point more clear.

Now, you can see in the screenshot, the Live Edits section contains a list of realtime changes users have made to the document. These lists, on the other hand, hold the username, user avatar, the change he/she made to the document and the timestamp.

How to enable Live Edits in Google Docs?

Google Docs Live Edits is part of screen reader support. Therefore, to enable this feature, you have to first turn on the screen reader support which you can do simply by visiting Tools > Accessibility Settings > Turn On Screen Reader Support.

Once you turn on the screen reader support, you see a new option called Show Live Edits in the Accessibility menu. You can re access the Accessibility menu by visiting Tools > Accessibility Settings.

Other than Live Edits, Some of the other accessibility tool Google released this year include Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier.

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