Google Launches Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier App
Google Launches Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier App

Google Launches Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier Apps today to make Technology more accessible for Physically challenging people. Here we talk about those peoples who are either deaf or facing hard to hear.

We also see how subtitles help a user understand a video if the user not understand the language present is in the video. Just like Subtitles, Live Transcribe helps user to translate live speeches to on-screen text. Right now, Live Transcribe supports 70 languages to translate in between. Talking about this app availability it comes now preinstalled with Pixel 3 handsets. However, rolling out worldwide in beta mode right now.

Right now you can subscribe for Live Transcribe to get notified when this app avails in your region via this link.

Live Transcribe is powered by Google’s speech recognition technology therefore, the captions automatically prompts on the screen as per the speech flow. Google even says that they are not storing Live Transcribe conversations on their severs. Therefore, feel relaxed because your conversations are private.

The App is available for those devices have at least Android Lollipop i.e. Android Version 5.0.

The app captures the speech from your phone’s microphone and convert it as text to display on the screen.

On the other hand, Sound Amplifier App amplify as well as fine tune the incoming sounds for those you find hard to hear. What makes this app so cool is, it works locally without the need of Internet connection. You will find a bunch of options like Left Boost, Left Fine Tuning, Sound reduction internsity and so on present in the App.

Google Sound Amplifier App
Google Sound Amplifier App

This app basically helps out older individuals. One more thing this app only works with Wired headphones or earphones. Sound Amplifier App is already available in Google Playstore. However, this app works only on Android Pie i.e. Android 9.0 Version.

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