How to register for BSNL wings service online?
How to register for BSNL wings service online?

In this article, we explain you to How to register for BSNL wings service. As we already told you last year, BSNL launches an Internet Telephony service called BSNL Wings. Now, BSNL starts rolling out this service by giving one month of free usage. You can think of this as a trial. Note that to use BSNL wings service, you have to first register yourself for this service either online or by visiting to your nearest BSNL customer care.

In this article, we explain you How you can register for BSNL Wings Service online? However, If you are not comfortable with online registration you can visit the nearest BSNL office. They can also do this task for you.

Before, explaining the registration process, let me write down some key points related to BSNL Wings service.

BSNL Wings Service Key Features

  • Let me first explain you why BSNL Wings service is a nice initiative. There are some areas where network connectivity are not good, and we get poor voice calls. Suppose, In that area you somehow find good internet connection either via leased line or WiFi. That’s it you can use BSNL Wings service to place a call.
  • BSNL Wings use any kind of Internet either via Broadband, WiFi, 3G, 4G to make a call. All you have to install a SIP Client which may be an App or Software in your system.
  • With BSNL Wings to BSNL Wings you can also make Video calls.

How to Register for BSNL Wings Service Online? (Guide)

To use BSNL Wings service, Right now BSNL charges Rs. 1099+GST for one year. After completion of one year you again have to pay the same amount to activate services for one more year and so on.

To register for BSNL Wings service all you have to go to this link:

Next, you have to fill out the form that asks you to enter your State, PIN Code, Email ID and Mobile Number.

Once you feed these details you’ll get an OTP on the mobile number you feed in the form.

After that, Select the service you want to use. For example, Landline, Broadband, Wings etc.

One done, you now have to upload your KYC documents. These KYC documents are Your Passport Size Color Photograph, Proof of Identity, Proof of Address and a Valid Identity card.

Next, Fill in the customer application form.

Then, Finally, take a note of your CAF serial Number, Receipt Number and Wings number for future references.

You can download BSNL Wings App from Google Playstore.

BSNL also releases a toll free helpline number i.e. 1500/1800-345-1500 in case you want any help.

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