How Play Minecraft Classic Web Browser Free
How Play Minecraft Classic Web Browser Free

How many of you have played Minecraft? Well, those of who haven’t, let me tell you that, today Minecraft is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Furthermore, In this occasion Minecraft team has made the original Minecraft free to play on Web browser. They call it Minecraft Classic and it is available at this web address.

Minecraft team explains Minecraft Classic sports Creative mode only. Therefore, you won’t find any enemies or mobs (like Zombies and Skeleton) in this version. Here you get only 32 blocks to work with and yes the original beloved bugs. All you have to utilize this 32 blocks to create something.

Once you access the link I mentioned above and the server loads, it provides your two options. The first one is your server address via which you could invite upto 9 friends to join the game. The second option let you to pick a username. Once you configure these two options, you then proceed to start the Game.

To escape the game you should click on the esc button (on your desktop web browser) or the back button (on your mobile web browser). Clicking the escape button let your explore the game options and controls. You could even configure your custom game control. One thing you might find lack in this game is, it will not let you to save your gameplay. However, the game control configuration will be saved till you not clear your advanced browsing history files.

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