Apple Rolls out a new Game for iPhone featuring Warren Buffett
Apple Rolls out a new Game for iPhone featuring Warren Buffett | Credits: Apple App Store

Apple rolls out a new game for iPhone recently that features Warren Buffett. You can think of this game as a hybrid of Angry Birds and Paperboy where you have to deliver paper by shooting it to the houses. The more accurately you shoot the more you generate Warren Bucks (a special coin).

The boy which you see in the Game delivering the newspaper is actually Warren Buffett, the third richest man on the planet. Apple made this game depicting the life of Warren Buffett of his early days when he was selling the newspaper. Do note that Apple and Warren Buffett recently partners with each other and it seems like the game is the result of that partnership.

Right now, the game is available on Apple App Store and you can access it via this link. In the game you have to toss a newspaper to the houses present in the streets of Omaha, Nebraska, Cupertino and California. The game will test your paper flinging skills as well as will increase the difficult of it by bringing vehicles and birds.

In the App Store you will see Wildlife Design Inc. as the developer of the game but inside the app you’ll see several Apple Inc. embracing. May be Wildlife Design Inc. corresponds to Apple’s official game developer.

Apple has made an iPhone Game in a long while as its last made game was launched on 2008 called Texas Hold’em. Also note that this game is playable only on iPhone as apple has not integrated the Game Center.

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