Iphone Vs Android
Iphone Vs Android

iPhone vs Android | Introduction

iPhone Vs Android: Here the battle begins. Apple has launched the iPhone 8 with better technology, hardware, and software. Various advanced features have been introduced in this. The iPhone is also considered more secure than Android. However, in terms of sales, it is far behind Android. That’s because the price of the iPhone is too high, which everyone can not afford. But only the price is not the reason for the sale. There are many iPhone features that are available to users in a long time in Android. There are also many things in the iPhone that put people in a lot of trouble. In such a situation, buying an iPhone by giving more money to many users seems to waste a lot of money.

iPhone vs Android | Why is Android better?

Charging with any cable

The iPhone does not charge from any other cable. You can charge it with the original charger only. The iPhone’s USB connector is completely different from Android. On the other hand, if you talk about Android, it can be charged with any common cable.

Dual SIM support

Only a SIM works on the iPhone. In such a situation, if the users want to use two SIMs, they will have to purchase another phone other than the iPhone. In addition to Dual SIM in Android, there are also three SIM phones available.

Not having an Android profile

iPhone works on Apple’s iOS. It has its own Play Store. Let us know that there are many such apps or games available at the Google Play Store but are not available on the App Store. In this segment, Android is also betting.


Memory is very important for any smartphone user. But iPhone users have to satisfy themselves in low memory. iPhone with more memory costs more. The iPhone has a limit of 256 GB. Also, there is no option of memory card available. In addition to the memory slot as well as the option of an SD card in Android.

Wireless charging

This time wireless charging feature is introduced in iPhone. Whereas this feature has already arrived in Android. Let us know that this feature has been provided in the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Widget Customize:

If you want Android users then you can customize the widget on the phone’s screen. That is, the app where to put the app, it can decide it by itself. While the iPhone user does not have such an option.

Call Recording:

The call recording feature is still not available in iPhone. At the same time, there are no signs of its arrival yet. But this feature is already available in Android quite early. In this case, Apple is far behind from Android even in this segment.

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