ExpensiveWall Malware
ExpensiveWall Malware

Despite the constant efforts of Google, the risk of malware apps on the Play Store has not been reduced. There are still many apps in the Google Play Store that are affected by viruses. Now a new case has surfaced, in which about 50 apps have been found that are affected by ExpensiveWall malware. They have also been downloaded 4.2 million times. Security firm Czech Point said in a blog post that nearly 50 Android Apps are available for download at the Google Play Store for free. They have been downloaded several times before being removed from Google.

All these Android apps have a hidden malware loaded, which registers users without an address to online paid services. The user has to pay all the bill. This malware, called ExpensiveWall, hide free wallpapers, videos, and photos in the editing apps. They were discovered by Mcafee at the Play Store earlier this year.

How ExpensiveWall Malware Works?

The Software Development Kit comes with GTK downloading in the phone of the affected user of the ExpensiveWall, asking for permission to send and receive Internet access and MMS. Internet access is sought to connect the hacker’s command and control server to the user’s phone. This allows hackers to steal information like user location, IP address.

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How to Save the Android app from the malware app?

Even after the removal of these apps from Google, the user’s phone (who downloaded this app) will be affected by ExpensiveWall malware. In such a case, if you downloaded this app then uninstall it immediately. Google has recently introduced the Google Play Protect app to protect users’ data and personal information. With this help, Android users will be able to stay safe from cyber attacks. In the Google Play Protect device, any app will check their security before downloading it. In addition to this, the device will also check the harmful apps.

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