How to control who can reply to your Tweet on Twitter

Twitter starts testing a new feature to help the user decide who can reply to their tweet. You can think of this feature as the existing Facebook privacy feature that let a user decide either to post publicly, or for all friends or for select friends.

Suppose you want to have a conversation with limited people on Twitter then, this feature comes handly. However, do note that, the conversation will be visible to everyone and anyone can like and retweet it.

How to control who can reply on your Tweet?

This new feature you can find it on any tweet you wanna post. You can spot it at the bottom while tweeting a post. It is present as the globe icon also called Permission Settings, Clicking on it reveals a window that let you choose from the three options. The first one is the Everyone, that means everyone on Twitter are allowed to reply on the tweet. The second one is People you follow that means only those people able to reply on the tweet whom you are following. The last one is Only People you mention that allow only the select people to reply whom you have mention with the @ in your tweet.

When you choose any of the later two option then the reply icon will be grayed out accordingly for the user. Grayed out means, one can not able to tap on it.

Play the video in the tweet fabricated below. You can find all the details visually which I explained above.

Now, as I already told you above, this feature right now is in testing phase, hence may not available to all the user at the same time and also may not going to be assembled in the upcoming stable update. Anyways, If this feature become available to everyone, then it surely give users the option to have more private controls on their tweets. What are your opinions about the same, let us know in the comments down below.

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