Twitter Testing a Feature to Hide Replies on your own Tweet
Twitter Testing a Feature to Hide Replies on your own Tweet

Do you ever encounter a situation where someone deviate your conversation by posting an unusual reply on your Tweet? If yes then don’t worry Twitter looks forward to bring a feature via which you can hide replies someone made on your Tweet. Seems like a perfect solution. However, do note that the tweet you hide doesn’t get deleted, it simply hides there. In fact if someone wants to know what is hidden there they can uncover it to know.

Popular Social Media reverse engineering specialist Jane Manchun Wong first revealed this feature back in February this year. See for yourself what she tweeted that time.

As you can see in the screenshot there is a Hide Tweet option present which if rightnow you check in your app you won’t find it. You can check it by clicking to the dropdown icon present right next to a tweet.

Now, Techcrunch reported that today Twitter release a documentation in which they mention to roll out this feature in June. However, Twitter says this feature is totally experimental for now.

Some experts believe with this feature one can disorient someone’s opinion on a Tweet. While other experts believe this feature can make a conversation looks more readable if some wants to just troll on the replies.

Still Twitter not rolls out any delete feature as Facebook and Instagram have by which one can entirely delete a comment.

What if someone wants to see all the replies that are hidden for a tweet? Well, in that one can view the hidden replies by going to the same menu option via which they can hide a tweet. It means by visiting the dropdown menu present right next to a tweet.

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