Google Translate Visually Translate 13 More Languages
Google Translate Visually Translate 13 More Languages

Google Translate Visually Translate 13 More Languages. With the addition of these 13 new languages, a total of 50 languages can be translated via Visual Translation. Some of the Indian languages that are placed in the list of these 13 languages are Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu. Beside Indian Languages, some other languages it supports are Arabic, Vietnamese, Nepali, and Thai. You can find this new update in Google Translate in Upcoming days because it is globally rolling out.

Surprise why Google add supports for Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, and Arabic. Well if you consider these languages globally, these are the four most spoken languages in the world. This is the reason why Google giving its support.

Therefore, with this new update, Google Translate handles a total of 50 languages via visual translation i.e. via Google Translate Camera. Cited by Venture Beat, Visual Translation feature finds its place in Google Translate back in the year 2015. That time it supports only 27 languages. However, now this counter goes double.

To enjoy Visual Translation feature, Open Google Translate. Then, Roll over to the camera icon. Once you click on the camera icon Google Translate scans all the text present in the area. Then Google Translate ask you to Highlight the area which you want to Translate. Once you select the text you want to translate, the translate app translates the selected text for you in the language you want.

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