Google Starts Serving AMPHTML Ads to Regular Web Pages
Google Starts Serving AMPHTML Ads to Regular Web Pages | Image Credits: AMPProject

Google Starts Serving AMPHTML Ads to Regular Web pages. Note that AMP is an open source technology made by Google to serve Webpages as fast as possible. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Page. An AMP page basically contains three things AMP HTML, AMP Javascript and AMP Cache. You can think of AMP cache as the Google CDN.

Today, In a blog post, Google confirms that now AMPHTML Ads not just serve to the AMP Pages but also to the regular one. Google explains, because AMPHTML ads render more quickly it definitely boot the publishers revenue. Additionally also increase the page load time. Moreover, because there ads are served by Google CDN therefore, you don’t have worry about Chipset level vulnerabilities. For example, Excessive CPU resource consumption, Cryptocurrencies mining like that.

Google says, pages which are currently serving this ad type won’t get affected with the change. However, the other ones have to configure it.

So, if you are an online publisher or an app developer who wants to earn revenue via Google ads, it is a better option.

To learn more about, How to deploy this ad type on your website or app you could see the documentation here.

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