How to access google news rss feed
How to access google news rss feed?

In this article, I am going to explain you to How to access Google News RSS Feed? In May last year Google News upgrade itself to a new Look. Beside the new look, it brings some new features as well as revoke some old one. RSS feed is one such feature now you won’t find extensively in Google News. But don’t worry, In this we not just provide you the RSS Feed link of Google News but also explain you the structure. Once you understand the structure you can play with it to access any Google news content via RSS Feed.

Let me start with one such RSS Feed Link and then, we move onto the next.

Access Google News RSS Feed Section Wise

These 13 sections are Top Stories, For You, Favourites, Saved Searches, India, World, Local, Business, Technology, Entertainment, Sports, Science and Health. However, from all these 13 sections few of them are accessible via RSS Feed link.

Google News Major Sections
Google News Major Sections

I am an author residing in India and I am using Google News by selecting the Region India. So, let’s talk about these RSS Feeds in terms of Google News India. In India, Google News have 13 Major sections that you find on Your Google News Desktop app left sidebar.

Below I make a list of all those Google News Sections whose RSS feed are accessible. Moreover, Providing the RSS Feed link for these sections and explaining their structure too.

Top Stories

This sections Contains Top Stories from the Region you have selected in Google News. You can select your region by going to Language & Region. I have selected English and India as my Language and Region. Therefore, the RSS feed for this section (with my language and region) is accessible via the below link

Google News Language and Region
Google News Language and Region

RSS Feed Link:

Suppose you want to access Google News Top stories content for United States and English Language. Then, In the above link all you have change is ?gl=IN to ?gl=US and &ned=in to &ned=us. This way you change the region. Now, For changing the language to english you have change hl=en which is already present there, therefore, no need to change.

Business, Technology, Entertainment, Sports, Science and Health

You can access the RSS Feed for these categories via the link structure below.

RSS Feed Link Structure:

Now, Suppose you want to access the RSS feed link for Technology section, then all you have to do is replace CATEGORYNAME with TECHNOLOGY. Therefore, you RSS feed link looks something like this.

That’s it, you can now access RSS Feed for Google News Technology section by this above link. Similarly, you can access other Categories. However, do note that to replace the category name with all Uppercase character.

How to access the RSS Feed for a Particular Keyword in Google News?

Now, let me tell you the URL structure of RSS Feed for a Particular Keyword.

For example, Suppose you want to access the RSS Feed for WhatsApp in Google News. You can access it by the below URL.

I replace only the keyword with whatsapp. Don’t forget to add your keyword in Lowercase. It is important.

This is it for now. If you any doubt or suggestions you could let us know in the comment section below.

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