Samsung has launched Four editions of Galaxy S10 Smartphone
Samsung has launched Four editions of Galaxy S10 Smartphone | Image Credits: Samsung

Samsung has launched Four editions of Galaxy S10 Smartphone today at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event 2018. This event takes place in San Francisco where Samsung reveals a variety of its products. These product include 4 editions of Galaxy S10 Smartphone called S10e, S10, S10+ and S105G. Beside these 4 smartphones Samsung also reveals its other products like Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Fit Smartband.

However, In this article, we only talk about these four Galaxy S10 Lineup. What makes these four Galaxy S10 Line up cool is the presence of some unique combination of features. For example, Powershare, Wireless Charging, Amoled Display and many more.

Let me first mention some common specs which you find in all these four variants. All these four variants of Galaxy S10 contains Wireless Charging and Powershare feature. Moreover, all these four variants supports MicroSD and Dual SIM except Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. Meanwhile, Only Samsung Galaxy S10 5G variant is only ready for 5G. All these S10 lineup have curved AMOLED display, except S10e, which has the flat one.


Samsung Galaxy S10e have 5.8″ of Full HD+ Flat AMOLED display. S10 have 6.1 inches of Quad HD+ curved AMOLED Display. S10+ also have the same configuration except its screen size is 6.4 inches long. Similarly, S10 5G also have the same display configuration, but here the display size is 6.7 inches long.


S10e have two rear camera, the first one is 12MP wide angle, whereas the second one is 16MP ultra wide angle. Beside that it also have a 10MP Selfie front camera.

In S10, there are three rear camera, 12MP Telephoto, 12MP Wide angle and 16MP Ultra Wide angle. Moreover, it also have a 10MP Selfie front camera.

The rear cam configuration of S10+ is same as that of S10. However, its front cam has 10MP with RGB depth sensor.

S10 5G has 4 rear cameras, one with 12MP Telephoto, 12MP Wide angle, 16MP ultra wide angle and the fourth one is 3D depth camera. Beside that its front cam is has 10MP with hQVGA 3D depth sensor.

Storage options

S10e comes with two storage options i.e. of 128GB and 256GB.

Moreover, S10 also comes with two storage options but more large than S10e. Here the storage options are 128 GB and 512 GB.

S10+ have insanely large storage options ranging from 128GB, 512GB and 1TB.

Meanwhile S10 5G comes in single storage option of 256GB.


All these four models have behind the display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor except S10e. It has on side button fingerprint sensor.


S10e and S10+ have two RAM options 6GB/8GB and 8GB/12GB. However, S10 and S10 5G comes with 8GB of RAM.


The base price of S10e is $750, S10 is $899, and S10+ is $1000. However, the base price for S10 5G is not revealed yet.

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