How to Disable Background Location Tracking on Facebook
How to Disable Background Location Tracking on Facebook?

In this article, I am explaining you to How to disable background location tracking on Facebook. Facebook rolls out an important feature by which now Android users have more control on their Phone’s location data. In android, your location only shares when you have turn on the location sharing option in your Phone setting menu. However, In iOS this is not the same case, you share your location till your application which requires your location data is open. Once you close the application, your location sharing get also turned off for that particular location. But, In Android, If your system location sharing is ON and even you close the application, the application fetches your location data.

Facebook is one such application. Today, the company provides a separate option in its Android App to turn off location sharing in background. It means even after you close your App. You can find this new option by going to Settings>Location Settings>Background Location. It means now you can turn off location sharing in Facebook, even if your mobile location service is ON.

Disable Background Location Tracking in Facebook
Disable Background Location Tracking in Facebook

This new update is not live for all the users. However, rolling out and soon prompts on every Android user phone.

Note that Facebook asks you location data is for find a Free/Public Wifi or accessing Nearby Friends feature.

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