Google Search Might Index Instagram TikTok Short Videos

Google is currently trying to crack a deal with Facebook and Bytedance to index Instagram and TikTok short form videos on Google Search.

The Big-G isn’t just planning to index contents from both of these platforms but also wants to rank their videos for specific keywords just like it does for any other websites indexed on Google Search.

A spokesperson from Google told The Information that “The company is always looking to index new content on Google search. We help sites to make their content discoverable among Google Search users”.

One can clearly see the deal will mutually benefit all the parties if it becomes active. On one hand, TikTok and Instagram short videos gain more views from Google search, while on other hand, Google beats other search engines by sticking users to the Google Search for more time with Instagram’s and TikTok addictive viral videos.

Creators will also earn more by gaining new audiences from the world’s most powerful search engine.

Last December, Google tested Short Videos Carousel that displays videos from TikTok and Instagram, but the results were very rare. One can’t find short videos for all the keywords. It is obvious, because the Big-G was just testing the feature as it hasn’t gained access to all the data that is needed to index videos from both the platforms on Google Search.

Credits: @type_SEO

If you want to gain the context of how Instagram and TikTok videos on Google Search affects the Google Search users, you can take reference of Tweets Carousel feature on Google Search. Google is currently paying a licensing fee to Twitter to index its Tweet on Google Search.

Maybe Google creates a similar deal with Facebook and Bytedance as well. But we aren’t 100% sure right now. Also, there is one more thing to consider. If Google strengthens its search engine by integrating Instagram and TikTok videos, then what will be the future of YouTube Shorts – A short viral video listing platform similar to TikTok and Instagram Reels owned by Google.

From this article, we are sure of one thing. In the future, Google will explore more contents to list on Google search.

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