Bytedance Making their Own Search Engine

Last week we came to know that Bytedance entering in the Smartphone business in collaboration with Chinese Electronic company Smartisan Technology. Now, reports are coming that Bytedance working on to develop a search engine and for that Bytedance has recruited peoples from search engine giants like Google, Microsoft and Baidu.

For now, Bytedance developing the search engine to integrate into its app like Jinri Toutiao (News App), Douyin (the chinese version of tik tok). Those of you who don’t know let me tell you that, In China search engine works differently. I mean people love a search more in a integrated platform like in an app in compare to its standalone version. Therefore, Bytedance integrating their upcoming search engine in their existing popular app.

Also, fow now, the plan to roll out a search engine in Bytedance apps is limited only in China and we don’t have any info whether it comes to other part of world or not.

Bytedance also plans to serve advertisements in this search engine to make some money. Well, when it became ready I think it degrades some revenue of baidu in china as Google already moved out of china in 2010. So, Baidu is the only big search engine player in the china.

Bytedance owns some of the very popular apps that is not just limited to the great wall of China but also to the local streets in India. Yes I am talking about Tik Tok that has more 300 million monthly active users in India. However, the journey of TikTok in India isn’t that good after it became banned and come back in India.

Beside Smartphone and Search engine, Bytedance also planned to launch a Music app even in India. However, for now I think we should talk about it later in some other article.

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