ByteDance Developing a Phone
ByteDance Developing a Phone

TikTok Parent Company ByteDance Developing a Phone in collaboration with Chinese Electronic Company Smartisan Technology. ByteDance recently buys some of the Smartisan patents and also hire some members of it. One of the ByteDance spokespeople recently unveils this information to Reuter team.

Well, this is not the first time when a service-based company like ByteDance developing a Phone. We have some great examples in the past. Take HTC First that launched back in 2013, famous known as the first Phone by Facebook. However, it is history now, and most of us even not know about it. Amazon Fire Phone is another example that also lost in the Hardware market.

I’m not saying ByteDance going to repeat the same but here I am taking examples only. Looking at the overnight TikTok success, ByteDance could do anything. Let’s see.

Right now, ByteDance has many popular apps in the market, and some of the popular ones here in India are TikTok, Helo, Vigo Video and the News Republic.

One of the Chinese News reporting company says the phone has been in development from 7 months and could be unveiled anytime.

In China, the competitors of ByteDance includes Baidu and Tencent. However, if ByteDance is able to achieve success in their Smartphone business, they are going to hold the number one position in China.

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