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At CISCO India Summit 2019 in Kochi, CISCO announced its partnership with Google to Install Free WiFi in India. The company plans to install these Hotspots at Public Places like Bus Stands, Government Offices, Hospitals, and more.

In the first phase, the company plans to install around 200 WiFi at different locations in Bangalore. The pilot project to assemble these WiFis in Bangalore has already started, and it seems to complete by the end of September this year. However, In the second phase, they plan to install 300 more WiFi again at different places in Bangalore.

CISCO Partners with Google to Install Free WiFi in India: How does it Work?

Do note that In CISCO and Google partnership, CISO takes care of the hardware part; however, Google managing the software part. CISCO using the Google Station service to install these hotspots. Those of you who don’t Google Station is a software service that helps technology vendors to install WiFi hotspots at public places.

In India, around 900 million people still are not on Internet. TRAI says, Globally, there is 1 WiFi per 150 people and In India, to achieve this mark, around 8 Million hotspot installation is required. Currently, India has around 52,000 public WiFi. France has the most number of Public WiFi that is around 13 million, whereas the US acquired the second position with around 9.6 million Public WiFi.

So, you can see that India has much work to do in this field too.

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