Airtel Incoming Call Validity now lasts to 7 days

On October last year, Airtel removed the lifetime validity of Incoming calls. The Incoming call lasts to 15 days if no plan active on your number, however, the outgoing ones terminate instantly.

One thing you might be thinking is, Why Airtel removed the Lifetime Incoming Call validity?

Well, The introduction of Reliance Jio affects the Average Revenue Per User of most of the Telecom companies in India. To overcome the loss and increase the monthly ARPU, telecom companies in India removed the lifetime validity of Incoming calls.

They introduced a new kind of recharge called Smart Recharge to extend the validity of Incoming calls. For example, Airtel Rs. 23 Smart Recharge extends the validity of the Incoming call to 28 days. However, Rs 145 and Rs 245 extends the Incoming call validity to 42 days and 84 days respectively.

Now, A report from Telecom Talk says Airtel has decreased the Incoming call validity to 7 days if no any plan is active on your number.

Jio recently acquires around 331 million users in India and became the largest Telecom company in the country.

Airtel, on the other hand, losing its customer day by day and In my opinion, the deduction of Incoming call validity provoke some more loss for Airtel.

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