Google and Lenovo Introduces Smart Clock powered by Google Assistant

Today, Google and Lenovo Introduces Smart Clock Powered by Google Assistant. Google and Lenovo collaboratively built this smart clock to primarily enhance the Alarm Clock experience. Beside Alarm clock you’ll get a flora of other Google Assistant features.

Google Assistant Powered Lenovo Smart Clock Features

Lenovo Smart Clock Powered by Google Assistant | Credits: Walmart

Following are the operations one can perform with this Lenovo Smart Clock

  1. First and Foremost, You can set Smart Alarm with this Smart Clock. For example, the clock detects the best time to set an alarm for you by looking at your previous alarm logs. One interesting feature you’ll find in this Smart Clock is, Once you set an alarm, then before, 30 minutes of alarm the clock brightness will gradually increases. This will enhance your waking experience and you feel like sunrise.
  2. Google also enhances the option to disable the alarm when it will Turn ON. This is I think the option most user like in this Smart Clock. To Turn OFF and alarm, you don’t even have to Tap or Touch it. You can simply do it by saying STOP. See you don’t even have to say Hey Google! every time.
  3. With this Smart Clock, you can even Play Music, Turn OFF your Room’s Light, Activating your House Alarm and more.
  4. There is also a USB Port, you can find at the back side of this Smart Clock through which you could even charge your Smartphone.
  5. With this Smart Clock, you could even set your custom schedules to get local traffic, News, Weather Report in the Morning.
  6. This Smart Clock holds a 4″ IPS touch screen display giving sharp and clear images for web browsing and more.

From today on, Lenovo Smart Clock is available in major U.S retail. However, one can also purchase it from Walmart and Best Buy. It’s Price is $79.9. Right now it is available only for US customers, however, Google says later this week UK and Australia customers will also able to purchase it. Moreover, it will also roll out to global markets in upcoming months.

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