Facebook Starts Ranking Comments
Facebook Starts Ranking Comments

Facebook Starts Ranking Comments on Public Posts and also explain How it works in a recent Blog Post.

Well, this is not the new thing that Facebook Ranks comment by following some set of factors. However, revealing what those factors are is a new thing.

As you can see, This helps the page manager as well as its users to better connect with a post.

Now, Without a further delay, let’s check out What are all those which Facebook considers while ranking comments on Public posts.

Factors that affect a comment rank on Facebook Public Post

  1. Facebook first check who is commenting. For example, if a verified profile or page comment on a public post, Facebook gives them the highest weightage. Therefore, you can see those comments in the first place.
  2. In the same blog post, Facebook shared a featured image where you can spot the order of comment ranking. Although Facebook does not reveal exclusively, this is how I think Facebook ranks comment on Public posts.
  3. Comments from Verified Profile > Comments from Verified Pages > Comments with the highest engagement > Quality comment.

Facebook comment ranking is ON by default for pages with the Highest number of followers. However, you can turn it ON or OFF manually by following the steps we mention below.

How to Turn ON and Turn OFF Facebook Comments Ranking?

For Pages

Settings > General > Comment Ranking > See Most Relevant Comments by default.

If you enable the option “See Most Relevant comments by default,” you are following Facebook Comment Ranking Algorithm about which I explained to you above. However, if you uncheck this option, Facebook shows you the newest comment at the top.

For Profile

Settings > Public Posts > Comment Ranking

If you uncheck this option, Facebook shows you the newest comment at the top.

In the same blog post, Facebook reveals they are still making comments ranking better by accepting feedbacks from a large set of community.

Do you like Facebook’s this method of comment ranking? Let us know in the comment section below.

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