3 factors that affect videos ranking on facebook
3 factors that affect videos ranking on facebook

Today, Facebook reveal 3 factors that affect videos ranking on Facebook. Well, many of you know that Facebook working hard to build a video sharing platform that could battle with YouTube. Seems like that’s the reason Facebook rolls out Facebook Watch back in year 2017. Facebook Watch is a place (now integrated on Facebook) where one can watch videos posted on Facebook by various publishers. Other than Facebook Watch, we explore a new Facebook video in our Feed, Groups and Pages.

Today, In a blog post, Facebook explains how they rank videos on Facebook at different places. Facebook even explain if a user obediently follows these 3 factors, his videos will definitely uplift on the Platform. In this article, I am going to explain you these 3 factors in detail.

3 Factors to Increase the Ranking of a Video on Facebook


If you are a publisher in any field you definitely get the meaning of Originality here. Originality stands for the uniqueness of a content. That’s means whether the video you post on Facebook is unique or not. With latest update, Facebook now track those publishers who just copy and paste videos from somewhere else on Facebook. If you are currently performing such technique in my recommendation don’t do that. I say so because sooner or later Facebook identify you and will penalize you. From Penalize I mean they will either demote your video, delete your account or seal your monetization account.


Uploading any video will not work until the end user comeback to play it again(in a week or something). This means the video you upload on Facebook must be an important one. So that in future users return to your video if they want any reference. So, upload those videos on Facebook that you might think user take it as a reference somewhere in future.

Video Length

In any videos publishing platform this factor helps a video to rank high. Posting a long duration video will engage a user for a longer period of time. Moreover, if a user seeing a videos for a longer period of time then it must be an important one. There Facebook explains they will consider that video to rank high on their platform that are long.

That’s all about it. So, If you are a video creator who publishes videos regularly on Facebook, then you have to consider these three factors to generate more views on your videos organically.

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