Techchahiye App
Techchahiye App

Those of you who love to read Technology articles from our website, let me tell you that our native Android app Techchahiye App is now available on Google Play Store.

Interested users can download our app by visiting the below link.

Well, before, downloading our App, I suggest you read this article so that we better understand all the features that are available in the app.

Techchahiye App Features

Above I mentioned that our app is a native android app. It means you can install this app on your Smartphone and read our website articles without a single advertisement.

Sometimes we are out of content and not post an article on our site, as you can see, we post only quality content and not the cheap stuff. However, some readers like to read Technology articles at some interval regularly. For those readers, we have fetched Technology articles from some of the favorite Tech websites. You can access this section called Tech Globally by visiting the left drawer in our app.

Sometimes readers like to save a post to read it later. Therefore, In every post in our app at the bottom, you find an option called Favourite. If you click on Favourite our app save the post for you to read it later. You can access all your Favourite articles by clicking on the three vertical dots present on the top right corner of the app screen.

We have also added a built-in browser in our app so that you able to read an external post without switching our app.

The app size is under 7MB. Also, it takes very less amount of internal storage in comparison to any other tech news app available on Google Play Store.

That’s it, right now we have not included too much content in our app to make to more focused. However, we need your recommendations on what’s more we should include in our app. You could let us know by commenting below in this same post or by sending an email to us by navigating to the contact section present in the app.

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